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Jeu Circuit Bille | PUZZLE 3D WORLD
Jeu Circuit Bille | PUZZLE 3D WORLD
Jeu Circuit Bille | PUZZLE 3D WORLD
Jeu Circuit Bille | PUZZLE 3D WORLD
Jeu Circuit Bille | PUZZLE 3D WORLD
Jeu Circuit Bille | PUZZLE 3D WORLD
Jeu Circuit Bille | PUZZLE 3D WORLD
Jeu Circuit Bille | PUZZLE 3D WORLD
Jeu Circuit Bille | PUZZLE 3D WORLD
Jeu Circuit Bille | PUZZLE 3D WORLD
Jeu Circuit Bille | PUZZLE 3D WORLD

Ball Circuit game

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Immerse yourself in the captivating world of wooden marble games with our assemble marble circuit game. Discover a dynamic rail course and funfair games that will transport you to a world of endless entertainment.

Immerse yourself in a creative adventure by building this unique wooden marble game. Let your imagination run wild as you follow step-by-step instructions to create a fascinating rail ride. Each piece fits together precisely, providing a solid structure and a smooth gaming experience.

This Wooden Marble Circuit Game offers much more than just entertainment. It also stimulates logical thinking, concentration and fine motor skills. Bring your family and friends together for moments of bonding around this fascinating game.

Add a touch of magic to your play space with this remarkable 3D puzzle. The marbles slide fluidly along the rail course, creating captivating movements and exciting challenges.

Product Features :

  • Material: Premium wood for exceptional durability
  • Ball Circuit game
  • Number of pieces: 294 pieces for a stimulating challenge
  • Recommended age: +14 years, ideal for teenagers and adults
  • Puzzle dimensions: 325x228x214mm, an impressive size for an immersive experience
  • FSC certified wood complies with CE standards, guaranteeing environmentally friendly production and user safety
  • Estimated assembly time: approximately 4 hours, a rewarding project that requires patience and precision

Don't wait any longer to experience the excitement of wooden marble games. Order our 3D puzzle to assemble now and immerse yourself in a world of enchanting entertainment.

Discover our DIY Marble Circuit Game, an exciting activity that allows you to create your own marble circuit. If you like wooden construction games, don't miss our Wooden Marble Game to Assemble at Home. With this game, you can build and customize your own marble run at home.

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